Creative methods on digital intimacies @ Turku

On creative methods and outcomes for the investigation of digital intimacies



The dollhouse had its moment at ISEA 2020, at the panel ‘Queering Infrastructure.’

Radical Care: Embracing Feminist Finance

I had the privilege to participate in this ezine that Amateur Cities and the Institute of Network Cultures prepared.

The zine is a diverse collection of voices organized in three types of contributions: quickfire interviews (short reactions to big questions), double interviews (conversational long reads), and artworks (projects addressing discussed subjects visually).

More here / download the ezine

Post Money-Lab

MoneyLab # 7 was wonderful for me (I will write about it at some point). My thanks to Silvio Lorusso for his comments on my presentation and that of Lana Swartz.

If you’re curious, the video of the panel is here.

2019 – Sexcams in a roman dollhouse

I am completely delighted to say that I will be presenting at the John Cabot University at Rome on November 18/2019. Thank you very very much Donatella for the fantastic invitation!

update: this article explains my research better that I would ever do. Thank you Natalia!

2019 – book!

I’m totally delighted that this small but not so shy project will have a section in the upcoming Selfie book edited by the great Selfie Conference. More to come!

Maintenance and Care

Maintenance Pornography was featured in ‘Maintenance and Care’, great article by the great Shannon Mattern > Places Journal. Many thanks!


Sexcams in a dollhouse / 2018

Exciting news for 2018:

I received a grant from Hexagram, under the brand new category ‘performative research’. This will involve the observation and performative interpretation (in the dollhouse, of course) of the work of that happens at Chaturbate, and I will do this in a residency at the Institute of Network Cultures, in Amsterdam. In preparation for this, I started building different sets for the dollhouse, with the fantastic help of Marian Salamovich, a great artist that happens to be my mother. Fantastic in so many levels.

The dollhouse/miniature theatre was built by Ronnie Araya, talented architect and friend.

More to come!